Welcome message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the website of the 9th Meeting of Asian Sleep Research Society (ASRS), which is scheduled to be held in Sapporo, Japan. As all of us know, ASRS is a society, which was established with the purpose of exchanging the opinion and promoting the cooperation in sleep research and sleep medicine among Asia countries. The first meeting of ASRS was held in Tokyo, Japan on June 16, 1994 after the formation of the Founding Committee of Asian Sleep Research Society (ASRS) in 1993. Since then, ASRS has contributed to the promotion of all aspects of sleep research by organization of scientific meetings, promotion of training and education, dissemination of information and establishments of fellowships and awards. Until 8th meeting, ASRS has held meetings in various locations across Asia (Israel, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India), and after unfortunate cancellation of 2016 meeting in Turkey we Asian sleep researchers will be able to meet again in Sapporo, Japan from 11 to 13 July this year.

This silver anniversary meeting of ASRS will be jointly held by the 3rd Asian Forum on Chronobiology chaired by Prof. Honma and 43rd annual meeting of Japanese Society of Sleep Research (JSSR) chaired by Prof. Chiba, and we can simultaneously participate in the other two meetings in these three days. The silver anniversary ceremony of ASRS is also scheduled to be held in the afternoon of July 11. We welcome all the scientists, physicians, dentists, technologists and students involved in Asian sleep research and medicine. We are honored to be able to have the chance of listening to the presentations by ASRS members and facilitating the development of insight in our research field.

Best regards,

Chairperson, the 9th Meeting of Asian Sleep Research Society
Professor, Department of Somnology, Tokyo Medical University